Hi guys, firstly do wish to quickly talk about a blogger, called Simona, she’s really kind. She and her mum have opened a facebook page, which is about her mom’s job, dealing with design and decorations. I have placed the link below this post, so you guys can at some point check it out. It would be really nice if you’s guys could check it out, since they’ve only just recently opened this facebook page to let people know about her mom’s job.I have also attached the blog link, just in case you’s guys might be interested in knowing more about her mom’s job. The blog is new and it’s got some really nice short posts with nice images about her mom’s latest projects and they are simply FANTASTIC. The decor used and all those christmas toys, planning where the decor will go and the posts are just so short but really worth reading and the images of th decorations are simply beautiful.

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I hope you are all having a wonderful christmas time and that you all have a good new years eve. I am not leaving for ever, but I will not be posting for this week and the next. This is because I am currently facing a problem, which I need to solve, but it’s no a serious problem, so, no worries. I do wish you all a wonderful happy christmas and that the new year welcomes you all to great opportunities in life. 🙂


Kelly Wearstler

  Rings, rings and more rings… Two rings, three rings, piled up rings, rings worn all the way up, worn until the tips of the fingers (medi rings), rings all over, statement rings or simply just the old gold/silver rings. Soo many of them and ways to wear them.

  The trend that has been occurring for quite a while. But how to wear them?

Well, the good news is that it seems like there isn’t any rules to wearing them! If there is, then maybe it relies mostly on the size, colour and most important of all choosing the right rings to show off your personality.

For minimalist, the less ring detail and colour, the better. The good news for minimalists, is that the amount of rings worn, doesn’t matter, since minimalists care more for quality rather than quantity.

Monochrome, the extremist side of minimalism. Since it mostly consists of black and white, you might want to pay more attention to the shape of the ring. For example, aiming for triangular shaped rings, meaning geometric rings.

For non minimalists or non monochrome’s, you have the freedom to play around with the shape, detail and colours of the rings. For the hottest months, you could aim for warmer or brighter coloured rings, maybe in a extreme larger size. You could also wear statement rings for summer or winter and wearing more than one statement ring. For winter, you could opt for darker coloured rings or even play around with brighter colours to create a contrast.

Hopefully, I have helped.

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I’ve never owned a pair of culottes but I do wish to one day, own one. This is simply due to the fact that they are classic and boyish. I haven’t actually had time to research about culottes due a college project I’m working on and it’s due in next week. But I simply couldn’t leave this outfit alone and I felt, it had to contain some writing.

I do know that culottes could be worn with basic tees/tops/sweaters, loose boyfriend type shirts but you don’t want to wear extremely loose tops or sweaters. Since, I am not too comfortable wearing bright colours, I would go for black tops/blouses or sweaters or white. This is because culottes to represent the classic era and I wouldn’t pick something bright to go with culottes, because it wouldn’t look right, in my opinion. I would wear loose sweater, but a cropped one, simply due to culottes being high waisted and outlining a little bit of the hips. But if the sweater wasn’t cropped, I would make sure it wasn’t too loose and not too past the hips, otherwise it would ruin the outfit. I would wear a dark coat, maybe from Monki (brand), maybe black or just a dark colour to stop the outfit from looking too dark, although I have no problem with a dark outfit since it’s minimalist. I would wear flat shoes, since I prefer flats shoes to high heels, sorry, but flat shoes are more comfortable. Accessories would consist of a black beanie, knit black gloves, knit black/dark blue scarf and nude or black tights, to create a more vintage look.

*Outfit created by me*

I hope I have helped but I just felt like giving an opinion on culottes.