New Balance

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The vintage sneakers that were originally invented in 1906, made profit and popularity in the 70’s which eventually cooled off… But are now back! Sadly I still don’t own a pair of them despite the fact that they aren’t soo expensive here. Back then the purpose of their existence was mainly just for sports but now a days these sneakers have been given a new purpose for their existence. From bloggers all the way to designer… 80% Comfort and 20% style. 

All though there some people out there who seem to have a grudge against the use of sneakers being used with everyday outfits, most people seem to have adopted the new style. It seems like it will be staying in trend for a long time or maybe forever, who knows. These sneakers aren’t just a ancient stylish piece but provide comfort for anyone on daily rush, it’s even better for those rainy cold days…Any woman can wear it and also these sneakers can either make up the look or create a good contrast depending on what outfit genre you’re going for.

Sporty look:

For those who had to hide their love for sporty outfits within the fashion industry…Now don’t! The sneakers can be used for a sporty look. You could perhaps go for a more radical monochrome look depending on the weather. For example, for winter you could aim for a more distinct athletic print t-shirt or long sleeve. A bomber jacket could also make up a sporty outfit along with vintage blue/black jeans preferably without rips, although it wouldn’t be a problem but would stray from a minimal look. This is because certain athletic print t-shirts are already clamped with big bold words, numbers etc and adding ripped jeans would only make the outfit look more complicated, since there’s too much going on but if that’s your style then by all means go for it. However, the colours do matter, if you are into a minimal style, then you ought to aim for more darker colours instead of vibrant since they scream for attention.

You could also wear a baseball long sleeve either with no words/numbers and keep it extremely simple or just stick with the usual baseball long sleeve which contains words/numbers. Jeans would look great, maybe vintage jeans or subtly ripped jeans with a baseball long sleeve for those ripped jean lovers who still try to keep it minimal.

The bomber jacket, if don’t mind the screaming attention of bomber jackets with numbers/words or lines then go for it. However, if you are too minimal but adore the sport look, then you could just stick with a simple black or white bomber jacket with no words/numbers/lines or extra details. You could aim for a bomber jacket with words/numbers, simple white tee half tucked into a vintage blue boyfriend jeans which makes the outfit completely simple but attention grabbing. The use of letterman jackets and black cardigans with words all over it and lines can also create a sporty look and goes well with a simple white tee.There’s even transparent bomber jackets which is funny since the whole meaning of transparent is not being visible however, it quickly attracts attention of the public since the transparency creates a contrast with the inner clothes. So, if you don’t like the whole “Public attention” but adore the idea of a transparent jacket, then you could aim for an all black look: black t-shirt or loose black tee, boyfriend/tight black jeans and a black transparent bomber jacket.

A black and white jumper/pullover can also help achieve a sporty look without looking too extravagant. The length of the socks being worn with sneakers can also break or make up the look also depending on the outfit.

You could also aim for shorts, for example a jean short for summer or a leather short for summer or winter. The leather shorts seems to add more sophistication to the look because of it’s material.

These are just few suggestions because there are many clothing pieces out there that help achieve the sporty look.

kurt 94 shirt

New Balance Sneakers

Non sporty look:

For those who are more into the simplistic style, not too into the whole sporty mood and aren’t keen on bright colours, you could make use of darker or neutral colours. For a minimalistic monochrome look, you could make use of a black boyfriend blazer, black skinny jeans and black loose long sleeve or a black loose t-shirt which creates a sophisticated casual look simply because of the blazer which helps create a contrast due to being opposite of casual.

You could go for a simple black buttoned blouse, either short or long sleeve, which will go well with the blazer. Then add in black skinny jeans or vintage boyfriend jeans which could help add a bit of colour to the outfit.

You could go for a black jumper/pullover/sweater which makes the whole outfit more comfortable. I have also seen people complete the look with leather skinnies, leather leggings, long or short leather pencil skirts with side zip detail or no detail. You could even use a black jumper/pullover/sweater with a long black leather pleated skirt which again creates a beautiful contrast since the jumper/pullover/sweater is mostly or was mostly used for casual occasions or simply used at home but now it’s even in the most important meetings and fashion events.

To finish a monochrome or non monochrome just minimalistic look, you could put on a long black trench coat or a MAC because it’s simple and light making it easy for people who are constantly in different places.

Ottimo outfit con sneakers New Balancethe new balances, the baggy pants, the oversized coat and the beanie. I need this outfit


Sporty look

The accessories play well in a sporty look simply because they add in more definition or statement to an outfit and help show the meaning behind the outfit being worn. For a monochrome or minimalistic sporty look, you could make use of darker coloured accessories or white accessories and the material or details matter since they clearly help the outfit stand out more. You could also exaggerate a little on the amount of accessories worn to make more statement. Making the use of hats and sunglasses can also help achieve the sporty look. The bags you could use could be leather/denim backpacks,small backpacks, medium to large backpacks, transparent backpacks or messengers and finally you could invest in bum bags or oversized/fold over clutches.

Monochrome/ minimalist

 You could also make use of neutral/darker coloured accessories and maybe wear less amount of accessories since the lots of accessories adds more definition to a look and can stray away from a minimalist/monochrome look. You make use more of simple necklace and/or maybe two rings on each hand. The amount of accessories is also affected by the style of the New Balance sneakers being worn. Mild warmer coloured sneakers could mean not having too much accessories on and a darker pair of sneakers could allow the use of few more accessories on. You could make use of beanie hat, fedora hat and/or sunglasses depending on weather. The bags could be bigger oversized bags. messenger, backpacks and/or oversized/fold over clutches Finally, the details on the accessories can have either a negative or positive impact on outfit. 

*Pictures copied from Pinterest and not owned by me*

Thank you for reading this and hopefully it helps 🙂



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