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The dress that can be used for any occasion and I ain’t referring to just any shirt dress, but that mid length shirt dress, that looks like an oversized white blouse. It’s not just classic but also refers to simplicity. But how to wear it?

There are numerous ways to wear it. You could wear it with wedge sneakers, flats sneakers, heels, flats e.g. gladiator sandals,  brogues, flat lace ups and ankle boots.

In my opinion, I would chose the very first picture , where the lady is wearing black brogues simply because it goes well with the dress and gives that minimalistic classic look. Or, I would wear all black or all white sneakers simply because it makes the whole outfit more light and more comfortable. The best part about this dress, is that it’s like an over sized blouse and blouses can be used for almost any occasion and looks classically simple and it seems like you can’t go wrong on a basic shirt dress.

However, there are different shirt dress fits e.g. looser, tighter, flowing or tight at the top and looser at the bottom which is apparently is said to be idea fit for woman with broader shoulder. Although, in my opinion, I would just go for a mid length extremely basic shirt dress without no details and simple sleeve because I think you can’t go wrong on that. However, be aware of buttoned shirt dresses that are an extreme tight fit since it can cause a bad effect or look to the dress, specially your larger at the top. Careful with the length and shoe wear, I did read on another fashion site (Fashion, all talk women), that the tighter/shorter the dress, the lower the heel or In my opinion go for a flat. This site also mentioned about dress fit not being appropriate for a certain body shape, in my opinion there are dresses that aren’t suitable for any shape! They simple make you look flat and ruin the silhouette. Apparently, for those who like revealing curves, it’s best to go for dresses that are just slightly more tighter around the waist. And for triangle body shape, I believe you could make use of dresses that are more fuller at the bottom, that’s only if you wan’t enhance lower body curves. If you are really curvy, then it’s best to avoid shirt dresses that are simply just “Straight” and don’t compliment your body shape, it can make you look really flat or cause a strange effect on the outfit. Or you could get a shirt dress that seems a little tight at the top and become looser towards the end, which is the one I prefer since it doesn’t reveal or hide the body shape. If you want don’t like the whole idea of loose shirt dress, you could just make use of a black or white belt (minimalist), since it saves more money instead of buying a new shirt dress or you have both choices of having it loose or tight at the middle and you choose how tight you want it to be.

Accessories, if you are a monochrome lover then you could use white or black accessories and if you’re aiming for a simplistic look, then less accessories the better and also less detailed accessories. If you don’t the like the idea of hanging around with a black necklace, then you could either not use any necklace at all but it depends also on the collar style of the dress I think.   I do also find it hard to pull of a black necklace, I’m not entirely sure why, maybe because black necklaces are too bold and attract attention.  For monochrome accessories, it’s more harder think off since monochrome is mostly based on black white and doesn’t go out of those boundaries. If you don’t like the idea of a black necklace you could make use of simple silver necklaces or plain white. Maybe, white or silver chain, either chunky or not but it does give off a statement and if do use this then chose the shoes carefully. For those who don’t mind black necklaces, then you could use a simple black choker, chain or just a normal necklace, maybe in gold. You could make use of statement but if you are a minimalist, don’t overuse statement accessories, try to only use one statement piece and keep the rest simple.  You could make use of hats but be careful if you picked a statement piece. The type of bag varies, for example, an outfit that only consists of a simple white dress and all black shoe, gives the freedom to play around with accessories. A white shirt dress and a black pair of shoes e.g. black lace ups, can go with a a print bag. For example, animal print, if you like animal prints but want play on the safe side, you could go for a simple animal print or a classic animal print e.g. leopard print or stick with a black and white animal print. If not, then you could go for bright prints e.g. statement print which consist of details and bright colours. You could aim for word/number/image print, keeping it simple. You could aim for African or tribal prints which makes the outfit more interesting and eye catching. There are many other prints out there but if you hate prints then maybe a transparent clutch which makes the outfit extremely minimalist and might make it look more futuristic depending on shoe wear. A futuristic look might consists of white platforms either boots or not or chose other cool colours instead of warmer colours. You could look into Jeffrey Campbell but there are cheaper platforms, try looking into Asos and if not there is a shop page on Polyvore where you can search for any clothing items just to give you an idea of where there might be cheaper platforms. These are just a few tips on the types of accessories you could use to help build a shirt dress outfit.

Thank you for reading this post and hopefully it helped. 🙂

*Pictures copied from Google and Pinterest and not owned by me*


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