I’ve never owned a pair of culottes but I do wish to one day, own one. This is simply due to the fact that they are classic and boyish. I haven’t actually had time to research about culottes due a college project I’m working on and it’s due in next week. But I simply couldn’t leave this outfit alone and I felt, it had to contain some writing.

I do know that culottes could be worn with basic tees/tops/sweaters, loose boyfriend type shirts but you don’t want to wear extremely loose tops or sweaters. Since, I am not too comfortable wearing bright colours, I would go for black tops/blouses or sweaters or white. This is because culottes to represent the classic era and I wouldn’t pick something bright to go with culottes, because it wouldn’t look right, in my opinion. I would wear loose sweater, but a cropped one, simply due to culottes being high waisted and outlining a little bit of the hips. But if the sweater wasn’t cropped, I would make sure it wasn’t too loose and not too past the hips, otherwise it would ruin the outfit. I would wear a dark coat, maybe from Monki (brand), maybe black or just a dark colour to stop the outfit from looking too dark, although I have no problem with a dark outfit since it’s minimalist. I would wear flat shoes, since I prefer flats shoes to high heels, sorry, but flat shoes are more comfortable. Accessories would consist of a black beanie, knit black gloves, knit black/dark blue scarf and nude or black tights, to create a more vintage look.

*Outfit created by me*

I hope I have helped but I just felt like giving an opinion on culottes.



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