Kelly Wearstler

  Rings, rings and more rings… Two rings, three rings, piled up rings, rings worn all the way up, worn until the tips of the fingers (medi rings), rings all over, statement rings or simply just the old gold/silver rings. Soo many of them and ways to wear them.

  The trend that has been occurring for quite a while. But how to wear them?

Well, the good news is that it seems like there isn’t any rules to wearing them! If there is, then maybe it relies mostly on the size, colour and most important of all choosing the right rings to show off your personality.

For minimalist, the less ring detail and colour, the better. The good news for minimalists, is that the amount of rings worn, doesn’t matter, since minimalists care more for quality rather than quantity.

Monochrome, the extremist side of minimalism. Since it mostly consists of black and white, you might want to pay more attention to the shape of the ring. For example, aiming for triangular shaped rings, meaning geometric rings.

For non minimalists or non monochrome’s, you have the freedom to play around with the shape, detail and colours of the rings. For the hottest months, you could aim for warmer or brighter coloured rings, maybe in a extreme larger size. You could also wear statement rings for summer or winter and wearing more than one statement ring. For winter, you could opt for darker coloured rings or even play around with brighter colours to create a contrast.

Hopefully, I have helped.

*Pictured copied from Pinterest and not owned by me*


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