Hi guys, firstly do wish to quickly talk about a blogger, called Simona, she’s really kind. She and her mum have opened a facebook page, which is about her mom’s job, dealing with design and decorations. I have placed the link below this post, so you guys can at some point check it out. It would be really nice if you’s guys could check it out, since they’ve only just recently opened this facebook page to let people know about her mom’s job.I have also attached the blog link, just in case you’s guys might be interested in knowing more about her mom’s job. The blog is new and it’s got some really nice short posts with nice images about her mom’s latest projects and they are simply FANTASTIC. The decor used and all those christmas toys, planning where the decor will go and the posts are just so short but really worth reading and the images of th decorations are simply beautiful.

blog link: http://www.yearroundsatisfaction.blogspot.com

facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Butterfly-Design/489296397824928

I hope you are all having a wonderful christmas time and that you all have a good new years eve. I am not leaving for ever, but I will not be posting for this week and the next. This is because I am currently facing a problem, which I need to solve, but it’s no a serious problem, so, no worries. I do wish you all a wonderful happy christmas and that the new year welcomes you all to great opportunities in life. 🙂


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