Who I am? Joice, a Creative Media student who lives in the UK. I started this blog on the November 2014, due to developing an interest in writing and not being accepted in any writing submission website, from this I decided to move on to blog writing, which, I have always been curious about. I found out, that maybe the writing format/language style used on blogs, is the one I am most comfortable with and most interested in. I also adore fashion, specially minimalist fashion since it’s effortless. What inspires me is art, good blog articles, travelling (if I have enough money to), movies, good sense of humour and good pictures.

Why blog? Well, I think it’s because I just wanted to share my ideas, thoughts, knowledge, learn new information relating to fashion, from other bloggers and mostly get involved within the fashion community and industry, since it’s it’s what I plan for the future.

My preferred style is minimalist due to other styles of fashion causing me a headache, when getting out ready to attend somewhere important and because minimalist is just effortless and you can’t go wrong on a minimalist outfit. This is why I opened a blog, which is aimed at absolutely anyone. I opened the blog, to help and maybe advise anyone, on how to wear a certain minimal look look or a piece from the minimal wardrobe. I try and I do hope that maybe and hopefully, people can benefit from something on the posts and I do hope to help everyone if any help is needed or answer questions. Thank you for reading my “About me” page and you may contact me whenever. I always check my emails, so hopefully, you’re likely to receive a fast reply. The email is on the “Contact me” page.

Kind regards and have a nice day.



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